6 November 2003

Welcome to the Multiplatform home page at Logo.

Multiplatform (Multiple Language / Target Integration Platform for Modules) implements a unified integration platform for multiple modules written in multiple languages (C, C++, Prolog, Java) and multiple target platforms (GNU/Linux, Solaris, Windows).

Multiplatform provides a complete integration framework for a software system made up of any number of modules. It includes

Multiplatform has been developed since 1994 in the German research projects Verbmobil and SmartKom both consisting of many independent project partners. The SmartKom project is now ending and the system integration group at the DFKI decided to make its work Free Software before the group breaks up.

If you find this too complicated the overview figure may help you. There is also a scientific paper describing Multiplatform in its SmartKom instance.

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